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It appears that financial struggles remain common among Americans lately.

A recent survey looked at consumer financial health here in the United States. According to the survey, around 55 percent of U.S. households are doing alright in some financial areas, but struggling in others. Meanwhile, struggling with almost all financial areas is something that is the case for around 17 percent of American households.

So, the survey results suggest that a large majority of households in the U.S. aren’t fully financially healthy.

What do you see as the biggest sources of financial difficulties for consumers here in Florida?

Financial struggles can have all kinds of impacts on families. Sometimes, they lead to debt problems. There are a range of things families could be at risk of losing when it comes to debt troubles. If a family runs behind on their mortgage payments, this can include their home.

Facing the possibility of having a family home foreclosed on can fill a homeowner with fear. However, it is important for homeowners to know that running into mortgage debt problems doesn’t automatically mean they are doomed to lose their home. There are a variety of different strategies and tools out there for avoiding foreclosure.

Now, what tools and strategies might be most effective for a given homeowner in his or her efforts to save his or her home in the face of a possible foreclosure depends on the situation.

So, when facing any type of financial struggle that puts their home at risk, it can be important for homeowners to reach out for experienced legal guidance on foreclosure prevention options.