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There are certain crimes that society tends to view as being fairly minor. Many misdemeanors may fall under this category. It is important to remember, however, that being accused of such crimes can still have significant impacts on your life. For example, misdemeanor convictions could do significant damage to your financial well-being.

An example of just how big the financial consequences of “minor” convictions can be here in Florida can be seen in a book excerpt recently put up on The Atlantic’s website.

The excerpt mentioned the financial repercussions of being convicted on a graffiti offense in Florida.

First, there is the fine for the offense, which generally can be up to $500. Then there are the many fines, fees and costs a person can face on top of this. These can add up to over $750. And failing to pay a fine or fee on time can raise the overall costs a person would face to even higher levels. So, a graffiti conviction in the state could lead to a person being required to pay well over $1,000.

As this illustrates, the costs of a misdemeanor offense can really add up. And there can be additional financial consequences to a conviction beyond just what the courts ask a person to pay. For example, having certain misdemeanor offenses on one’s record could create difficulties when it comes to employment.

So, when accused of a misdemeanor, even one often viewed as minor, it can be very important to get guidance on building up a well-tailored defense strategy. This can be critical in protecting one’s financial well-being.