The Future After Filing For Bankruptcy

Good news! There IS life after bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy can feel like you have done something wrong or that you will never recover your financial health. This is not necessarily the case. At Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., we have worked with many Tallahassee clients who faced bankruptcy due to unforeseen circumstances. Situations such as illness, surgery, necessary expenses on credit cards and losing your income can force you into bankruptcy — but there is hope for the future.

Our board-certified consumer bankruptcy attorney, Kathryn Hathaway, helps residents in the Florida Panhandle find long-term debt relief and face real-world issues after filing for bankruptcy. With creative problem-solving and a comfortable environment, we can help put your mind at ease when you are facing life after bankruptcy.

Steps To Take After Bankruptcy

You can rebuild your credit after bankruptcy and shape a debt-free future with these smart steps:

  1. Create a budget and follow it diligently
  2. Start saving money for emergencies or unforeseen costs
  3. Get a secured credit card to limit your spending but rebuild your credit
  4. Stay on track with any payments you owe
  5. Speak with an attorney if you find yourself slipping back into financial issues
  6. Pay your taxes correctly

Clients who faced financial issues previously may face them again. You may even find yourself needing to refile for bankruptcy in the future. If you believe you may need to refile or seek loans after bankruptcy, or you are facing financial issues again, reach out to lawyers Kathryn Hathaway or Wayne Sprague for a confidential legal consultation. Together, we will find the right path forward for you.

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