If The Bank Comes Calling, You Have Options

If a lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings on your home, what might be your greatest financial asset is on the line, and you need experienced legal help to protect your rights.

Attorney Wayne Sprague and the legal team at Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., fight for people in the Florida Panhandle when banks try to foreclose. With a background in both criminal defense and civil litigation, Mr. Sprague has years of experience being aggressive with the other side and upholding our clients’ rights.

The sooner you contact a lawyer once you’ve been served with a foreclosure lawsuit, the more options you leave open to keep your home and avoid losing everything. Call our Tallahassee office toll-free at 888-858-5404.

We Can Help You Fight Your Foreclosure

Banks aren’t perfect, and when they make mistakes in the foreclosure process — or worse, do something illegal — we can use their mistakes to your advantage.

Florida and federal laws protect consumers from unfair lending practices. When banks engage in these activities — threatening tactics, misrepresentation — it may be possible to avoid foreclosure. Sometimes, banks make procedural errors, and with decades of civil litigation experience, attorney Wayne Sprague can use these errors to help our clients.

We also help clients find alternatives to foreclosure, including short sales and filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

We’re Here To Help You. Contact Our Firm Today.

Learn your options for stopping foreclosure lawsuits. Contact Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., today: Call 850-391-2884 (toll-free 888-858-5404) or send an email through our website.

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