What To Do When A Loved One Dies: Probate And Estate Administration

The probate process in Florida is often confusing, time-consuming and, to make matters worse, expensive. Having a qualified, experienced probate lawyer can take much of the uncertainty and stress out of this legal process.

Whether you are a family member struggling to make sense of what to do following a loved one’s death, or you have been named a personal representative in someone’s will, Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., can help. Probate attorney Kathryn Hathaway has over 30 years of experience handling routine and complex probate cases alike, and she and our friendly staff take pride in making this sometimes-overwhelming time more manageable for our clients.

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Your Legal Guide, Every Step Of The Way

The time and expense of the probate process depend on many factors, including:

  • Whether or not the decedent had a will
  • How much property, including bank accounts and other financial assets, the decedent had
  • Whether any real estate must be sold
  • Protecting as many of the assets of the estate for the intended beneficiaries as possible
  • Managing creditor claims, including claims for reimbursement of Medicaid claims

For families in the Panhandle, we assist with every aspect of the process, from helping to gather the relevant information regarding your loved one’s estate to filling out paperwork and appearing before a probate judge. For individuals named as a personal representative (formerly called “executor”), we work closely with them to ensure they are fulfilling their legal obligations in a timely manner.

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