Probation Violations In Florida | Penalties And Defense

Willfully breaking the terms of your probation can make an already sticky situation much worse and result in increased penalties, often including incarceration. And even unintentional violations can get you arrested and jailed while the matter is sorted out. Without proper defense, Florida residents can face increased penalties and longer probationary periods — further setting back their future plans.

At Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., we defend clients against criminal charges and felony probation violations. Attorney Wayne Sprague is a former assistant public defender, as well as an experienced litigator, who has been a bar member for more than three decades. His knowledge and experience in criminal law and misdemeanor probation violations is difficult to match in the Florida Panhandle area.

Common ways that clients can violate their probation include:

  • Not making your court appearances
  • Not reporting to your probation office
  • Not paying fines or victim restitution
  • Seeing prohibited people
  • Travelling to other states or places that are prohibited
  • Not asking your probation officer about upcoming travel
  • Using drugs
  • Committing any criminal offense

If you are facing any of these infringements, you will likely need to appear in court for a probation violation hearing. Penalties can include extended probation, additional terms, jail time, serving time in prison due to probation revocation, fines and more.

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