Avoiding The Probate Process In Florida

Probate is the process in which the Florida courts sort through your will, which becomes difficult if you or a loved one has not established a will. The probate process can take time and money and tie up assets for months if you have not planned to avoid it.

The lawyers at Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., are experienced with the probate process and can help you make a plan that will help your loved ones avoid it. Attorney Kathryn Hathaway has over 30 years of experience with Tallahassee, Florida, probate cases. We can handle complex cases and make it an overall easier process for you.

Benefits Of Avoiding Probate

Many clients ask us if creating a will helps with avoiding probate court. Having a will can help, and the faster your family can settle the assets and inheritance listed in your will, the more money they will save. If the probate process drags on for months or years, potential heirs may end up watching their inheritance dwindle away in taxes, fees and court processes.

How To Avoid Probate

We can help clients avoid probate through legal documents and processes such as:

  • Creating trusts
  • Assigning an account beneficiary
  • Joint property ownership
  • Planning whom you want to inherit your assets
  • Gift money and property while you are alive
  • Roth IRA account
  • Payable on Death beneficiaries

When reviewing your specific assets and situation during a confidential consultation, we can help you evade common mistakes and select the simplest solution for your assets. Review our FAQs regarding estate planning and probate for more answers.

We Can Help With Your Probate Questions

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