College Students And Crimes | Allegations And Convictions

Young adults heading to college should enjoy this exciting time in their lives. Unfortunately, the future of college students can be marred by criminal allegations or charges — whether they are from the past or just occurred.

The college student criminal defense lawyer at Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., knows that facing the criminal justice system is an uncertain and scary time. College students and their parents are likely overwhelmed and worried about the potentially devastating consequences they could face. We will stand by your side and work to defend your case — and the future of your college student.

We Offer Aggressive Legal Representation

Our lawyer Wayne Sprague has defended Florida State University and Florida A&M University clients for many years. He does not work for quick settlements or try to avoid trials — the strategy that is in your best interest is always his goal. In every case he works on, he will help clients resolve their cases as efficiently as possible.

We can help defend against college crimes such as:

As a young adult, allowing any of these allegations or charges to remain on your record can hinder your education, financial aid eligibility, college athletics or future jobs. Defending yourself is essential.

Contact Us About Student Criminal Charges

The stakes are high when you are facing criminal charges or your college student is arrested. At Hathaway Sprague Law, P.A., we offer confidential consultations to have an approachable and understanding discussion about your case.

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