Wills Can Provide Financial Well-Being For Your Family

Deciding it’s time to prepare your estate plan is an important first step in planning your — and your family’s — financial future. It’s only the first step, however, and having an experienced estate planning lawyer help you sort through your options can make the process much easier.

Attorney Kathryn Hathaway takes pride in getting to know each of our Panhandle clients. This means more than just their assets: She takes the time to understand their goals as well as their concerns, how they want to provide for their own financial security and their families’ well-being. When working with the products of our clients’ years of hard work and success, there’s simply no other way to provide the kind of legal help they deserve.

Wills: The Basics

Most people are at least vaguely familiar with wills. They are the basic document in which you can state how you want specific property distributed following your death. Property listed in a will must still go through the probate process, but having a clear and thorough will can make the process easier for your family. We carefully draft and review wills for our clients to make sure they have made their wishes clear, that their wishes are in harmony with state laws regarding homestead and other ways that property pass pursuant to law or contract, and that their families will have the proper guidance to carry out our clients’ wishes.

We also help clients plan how to avoid probate whenever possible and how to protect their property — including life insurance policies — and avoid losing assets to creditors after death.

We encourage our clients to consider other documents such as durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives that can give additional guidance to their families about what to do in the event of a sudden illness or incapacitation.

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